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The main challenge that the project is about to tackle is to answer the question: “how can national authorities contribute to the prevention and mitigation of the natural disasters putting the nature in the front line and using it as part of the solution?“.

The answer comes in a methodological approach with a network of actions that aim to propose smart natural based interventions that will act as multipliers providing a safety net against disasters. This is the new perspective that the project offers to the cross border area; an innovative approach that will offer the ground to answer the “natural disasters” with “natural solutions”.

The project focuses mainly on the specific target groups:

  • civil protection authorities in national, regional and local level (TG1);
  • research institutions and faculties of related fields (TG2);
  • authorities for the management and protection of natural areas (TG3);
  • students of related fields (TG4)
  • general population as potential volunteers (TG5).

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Project co-funded by the European Union and national funds of the participating countries.
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